Re: EFS-moved from domain to AD

You were evidently using an account of the old domain (rather
than a machine local account).
The most direct and simple thing would be to rejoin the old
domain and then log in with the old domain account.
Then, copy the files to the clear and/or export the EFS cert/key,
and then rejoin the new AD domain.


"Miguel" <Miguel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I moved my PC from Domain to AD (new domain), exporting profile, but didn't
export EFS keys. My PC (XP Pro) sees the encrypted folders and contents,
can't access the files. The SID owner is still visible, although with
numbers, and under C:\Documents and Settings it seems the info of my old
profile is still there. Is there any porribility of recovering my
info? I've tried AEFSD and EFS Keys with no success. Thx.