Re: Domain name showing up in directory.

Hello Roger:

First of all thanks for your help.

Although I thought my computers are running without an official domain. ( I
guess I goofed on the subject) It is the copumuter name that is getting
attached to the login.

When I logg in as Joe I get the Joe.Sammy profile.

I am not at this machine now, but, I will take a look at what you suggest.

Thanks again. Talk to you soon.

JMAC out

"Roger Abell [MVP]" <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Why does your subject mention a domain ??

When you now log in as Joe, which profile is being used,
the Joe or the Joe.Sammy profile ?

If you have, or can define for temp use, another admin account
then log in as that account, and right-click on My Computer and
select Properties. Within there, find the User Profiles dialog
(I do not have w2k available, in XP it is on the Advanced tab).
In this dialog you select one profile and copy it to the other
location. Make sure you know which is the profile you do
want to keep and which you want to wipe out.
Sometimes, just renaming the new profile that is getting in
the way will cause the correct one to be used again.

"John MacDonald" <jmac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I added a second computer to my network. It ended up that there were two
computers with the same name. Now my original computer has renamed its
mydocuments directory for the login. I have renamed the computers and I
it to work properly.

For example
Originally: I would login with Joe and password blow. The computer name

When I look in my documents and settings directory

I see Joe.Sammy and then my original documents.

How do I get this fixed?

I have Windows 2000 SP4
Norton System works
Explorer 6.

Please help

JMAC out