Re: standalone CA customized certificate

In article <F9E74FE8-FE44-4499-8B78-5CD9D3D4C236>, SunilVirmani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Brian,

Well at backend windows XP SP2 is running the windows terminal services.I
think it is not possible for me to use TLS.

Well i am still confused about the extensions that can be added in the x509
certificate.Can you please provide me some url for the extensions of x509

Basically i want to implement some kind of architecture implement windows
right management services. They also create the machine certificate , but i
dont know whats all is available in the Machine certificate.

Do you have idea of what kind of machine certificate is available in windows


I recommend you attend some training. RMS uses XrML
certificates, not X.509 certificates. Your entire design
is flawed