Re: Windows login screen - HELP!

Roger Abell [MVP] wrote:
You have told us much about what is not there, but to really
help we need to know what is. For example, there was an
account that could be used, but trying this account now does
not work? and you are sure the account and its password
are being entered correctly?
Only one account is available to try ?
Is the machine in a domain ? If so ask the admins from the
central domain. Can you tell us anything of what she did ?

"Mike D." <mike.danielian@xxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, we recently opened a new real estate office and are drawing many
new agents to our business (a good thing). However, one of the new
agents came from a broker that had established a domain and password
(the password was originally blank). The new agent tried to eliminate
the 'Log on to Windows' window and changed something (she doesn't
remember what) in attempt to eliminate this login screen. Now she
can't get into anything. No matter what we try, this login screen will
not let us pass (message: "The system could not log you on. Make sure
your user name and domain are correct ....") The old administrator is
not available for help (thought he might have setup an admin. password)
but no help. I have even tried to restart in safe mode, but this login
screen still appears. She desparately needs the information on her
computer. How can I bypass or eliminate this screen to get her system
up and going. Her system OS is XP Professional running on a Dell (if
that makes any difference). I need your help as soon as possible - she
is dead in the water. Any assistance to get her up and running again
will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks ....
Mike D.