Re: Windows Update & Win2K Server thru ISA 2000

sorry, I got the newsgroups wrong - corrected below

"Roger Abell [MVP]" <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
For your networking related issues you should post to a relevant
newsgroup, although it may be hard finding someone that can recall
all details from ISA 2000

For Windows Update issues please post to the

this should have been
(particularly for WSUS)
(particularly for MU / WU)

As to manually updating, either write down the KB numbers shown
in the Windows Update page, or just click on the more information
links when you drill into the information for each listed patch.
With the KB numbers visit where
you use the KB number for 123456, and then follow links in the
article. You can also search for patches at

If you cannot get Windows Update to function, try using MBSA to
assess what patches are needed.

"COB" <COB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have read all of the postings related to error 0x80072F78. I have
to all settings in article 885819 and created the destination sets and so
forth in ISA 2000. Still cant update.

I see most everyone's resolve is article 836941. I am a corporate user
behind a firewall so that article is useless. So I go to article 900935.
use Method 3 because I have identified my proxy server and my port 8080.

I even ran the proxycfg.exe tool that others have used and it shows me my
proxy server and port no problem. I still can't get Windows Updates!!!
need help.

What is frustrating is is that I sat at my server this morning and saw it
needed 42 updates - updating is "scary" on this older server. I
saw that I needed to run the updates. So I decided it best to make a
backup, an ERD, and also backed up the system state. So I exited from
Windows update window, ran my backups, went back to the Windows update
and BLAM! nothing. I cant beleive this is a proxy issue if all other
get out fine and this one would have if I would have just run the updates
when i had the chance! What else is there for me to do? Can I download
specific set of MS updates to get past this hurdle?

Does it matter that my proxycfg tool is dated 2001 and the MS articles
reference 2004? Does that matter? Looks like it just edits the entry.


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