Re: Security Updates

"George Schneider" <georgedschneider@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I know the monthly security updates come out the second tuesday of each
and the next scheduled release is November 14th. Is there a way to
what updates are going to be released or at least a listing of them prior
this date so I can submit them to our core application provider to make
there are no issues with their applications.

No. The volume of patches to be released is announced the weekend
before patch Tuesday, but without specific details. Microsoft does
have a group outside firms that are involved in testing of patches over
the month(s) before release. Perhaps if your core application provider
is in the third-party software application industry, and particularly if
they have had issues with their applications being impacted by patches
previously and/or they have a partner relationship with Microsoft, then
they could be encouraged to explore the possibility of participation in
this patch testing.