Re: Computer Certificates

Can anyone help with this? I've now read it is possible to modify the Web
Enrollment website to allow computer certificates to be allocated, but I've
no documentation on exactly how to achieve this.

"TonyB" <tony.barrett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've come across this small problem while looking as securing access to
our network using 802.1x/IAS over Ethernet switches. The domain is
Win2k3(SP1) native.

If I'm using computer certificates (not user) as the EAP authentication
method, and the clients don't have RPC access to the local CA to request a
computer cert using the MMC snapin. The clients only have the ability to
request certs through a Web Enrollment Proxy, but you can't seem to
request computer certs through the WEP!

I created a computer authentication template on the CA, and published
this, but the WEP never sees these certs, only user ones.

Any ideas?