Re: Computers on the network

What would you like to do? Prevent them from getting IP addresses? Prevent
them from getting to your servers once on the network? Prevent them access
to the internet?

Some of these solutions are not cheap since they require additional hardware
etc. One of the easiest ways to prevent them from becoming part of the
network on their own computers is to not patch all network outlets. Patch
only the ones that are needed by company computers.

Next thing you can do is write a document that prohibits such behavior and
define consequences. Of course management would have to sign such a policy,
but it can be very powerful "tool".

Microsoft MVP - Windows Security

"Harrison Midkiff" <HMidkiff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have an issue with users putting there personal computers on my network
and other devices. I know I can configure DHCP to issue addresses via
there MAC addresses but this is a lot to manage. Does anyone know of a
good way to manage this?

Harrison Midkiff


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