Re: What is the size of "profiles stored on this computer"

You could look at the folders under documents and settings to see the users
that have profiles on that computer. You can then right click the folder
with the user name and select properties and it should show the size of that


"bigstyle" <bigstyler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I want to "Copy to" some old domain NT4 profiles (for example
user.oldDom) stored on a Win2k client computer to the new local user
profil (user.newDom) but when I launch my System Properties, I have
several "profiles stored on this computer" with a "unknown account"

How can I know of wich account this "unknown account" is referring to ?

I wanted to find it thanks to the size but I dont find how this size is
calculated ?

Please let me know if you have any ideas ;-)



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