Re: Preventing Users from removing their PC from the Domain

Entering, or not, valid domain credentals at the domain prompt
during a disjoin in my experience only impacts whether the computer
object is removed, or not.
But I agree, local admin should be required in either event.

"Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have seen the behavior where you don't need to enter valid credentials if
you are logged on as a local administrator. Whenever I have not been logged
on as a user that is not in the local administrators group either
explicitly or by group membership I can not even access the change name or
network ID settings as they are grayed out and a message shows that only a
local administrator can do such. I would double check that you are not
logged on as a user that is also a local administrator whether that be a
domain account or a local account. I would try it again but before hand it
would help if you could post in a reply the results for the whoami /groups
command for the logged on user that can remove the computer from the domain
and the command net localgroup administrators. Whoami can be downloaded
from Microsoft and I believe it is a RK tool. --- Steve

<rndinit9@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
thank you Steven, however I logged on as a non local administrator. To
be more specific a user.
The user does not have any privlidges what so ever. They cannot install
or uninstall software, but im willing to bet that even the guest
account (disabled by default) would be able to remove the PC from the

The funny thing is, when it prompts the user for a user name or
password, if you leave those fields blank and hit ok, it will work. And
the PC is removed from the domain. Would appreciate more replies.

Steven L Umbach wrote:
A user needs to be a local administrator in order to remove their
from the domain. So the obvious answer is to not allow the user to be a
local administrator and look at ways for the user to function as needed
without being a local administrator. I know that may not always be
There is no magic bullet to prevent local administrators from removing
computer from the domain as local administrators by definition and
are all powerful on their computer. About the best you can do is to have
strict user policy that users sign and understand and that removing
computers from the domain is prohibited. You can also use Group Policy
try and hide access to ways a user would use to remove their computer
the domain if it does not interfere with their needed access to the
operating system. Group Policy can be used to hide or remove access to
Control Panel applets such as System which is probably what most users
That will not work however for skilled and determined users. ---

<rndinit9@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

rndinit9@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Currently users are able to remove their PC's from the domain w/o
prompted for a DomainAdmin username/pass. This is becomming a
How can I set it that in order for a PC to be removed from the
that a domain admin username & password must be entered.

Your help is appreciated.

To add some info: The DC is Windows 2000


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