Re: passwd.log

Karl Levinson, mvp wrote:
Did you google the exact error message you're getting, surrounded by
"quotes"? And what exactly are you trying to do?

"Kidem" <No_Spam@nospam> wrote in message
Im getting a error , a SAM database error 12294 and there is nothing in
the c:\windows\debug\passwd.log file!! Is there something i need to
enable for logging???


Ohh im googled it!! I thought when there is a bad password attempt doesnt it log it in that log file?? i have more extensive logging for the netlogon.log file here is what im getting in it, this happens at same time i get the events in event viewer 12294!

"[CRITICAL] NlPrintRpcDebug: Couldn't get EEInfo for I_NetLogonSamLogonWithFlags: 1761 (may be legitimate for 0xc000006a)"