Re: domain administrator user to installed software on workstations?


If you follow security guides and recommendations you should _never_ logon
to any client computer with domain administrator account.

Best practice is to create new account in domain (ordinary user account that
is not member of Administrators or Domain Administrators groups...). Now add
this account to _local_ administrator group on the computer where you need
to install the software. Once this is done logon using this account and
install the software.

If you want to add this account to multiple computers local administrator
group you can use this script as _startup_ script (not logon script).

net group administrators domain\admin-user /add

domain is name of your domain
admin-user is user that you created in AD that will have local administrator

Microsoft MVP - Windows Security

"server 2000 Group policy for windows xp"
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Server 2000, 30 windows xp and windows 2000 workstations.
The best way of installing software is...with a domain admin account or
local domain admin , or do i need to created a special domain user so i
installed the software on the workstaion ,,OR please give advices how i
do this installation

On this environments.

Many thanks for your time and help.


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