Re: Security Updates and RDP

yes terminal services is running
"Roger Abell [MVP]" <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Is the service running (terminal services) ?

"gurvinder.nijjar" <gsnijjar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have just installed the latest security updates on my windows 2003
server. The server has installed exchange 2003. I have rebooted after
installing the updates but I can no longer remote desktop to the server
anymore. Everything else on the server is working fine. I was able to
remote desktop before I installed the updates.

I have checked and there is no windows firewall running on the server.
All other services are running fine.

I used the netstat command and cant fine the port 3389 listed as
listening, so I think this port has been closed.
What can i do to get RDP working or opening up this port.