Re: PC-1 not view in Network Resources But View in Domain's Users & Computers

If it is a Windows XP Pro box, turn off the Firewall that's built into it.


"Kamlakar Bhujbal" <it4nasik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I Have one PC-1 which is added to Domain of my Company.From this PC-1 I
access all other Network resources like Computer, Share Folders.But from
other PC's I can not see the Name of this PC-1.I have tried lot with group
policies.Computer Configuartion -Windows Setting-Security Setting-Local
Policy-User Rights Assignments-Access this Computer from Network.
It's Okey but till not solve my problem.
I also try to ping that PC-1 from other PC it's works right.Means Computer
Name gets resolves.But when I try to access this PC-1 by typing \\PC-1 in
run it gives "the Network path not found " error message.I have also tried
to get microsoft web support through the Event ID's but all failed.
Is any body have any idea or faced same problem???