Re: Find security group usage

There are free and not free tools. Dumpsec from Somarsoft, and SharEnum from
SysInternals are free while a not free program to look at would be Languard.
These tools however most likely will not show group nesting so if you have a
global group in a local group with permissions to a share you are going to
have to investigate that further. --- Steve --- ShareEnum --- Dumpsec --- Languard which may have time limited free
trial version

<christopher.b.moore@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I'm trying to determine if a particular global security group is being
> used for access control anywhere on my network. Is there a tool or
> search method that can scan shares or data for security permissions and
> report where that particular group has access? My network is Windows
> 2003 native domain with 2000 and 2003 version member servers.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris