Re: How to allow File modify, but not delete?

You can but then you no longer have modify permissions if that is what he
really wants, otherwise he would want to give the users only
read/list/execute/write for files. Unfortunately some applications like
Office require that the user have modify permissions to edit the file
because Office creates a new file and deletes the original file when the
user saves it. After re reading his question he could at least use special
permissions to at least prevent users from deleting subfolders they do not
own by making sure they have only read/list/execute/write permissions for
"subfolders only" in special permissions. Confusing stuff.--- Steve

"Mike Matheny" <mikemathenyathoustondotrrdotcom> wrote in message
> Can't you go into advanced permissions, and deny delete?
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> Mike Matheny
> "Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> Modify permission for a file does allow a user to delete the file though
>> there are a lot of special permissions that you can look at to see if you
>> can do what you want without using modify. If the user truly has modify
>> permission to the file I am surprised you can keep them from deleting it.
>> After a user modifies a file they may become owner of that file and get
>> permissions that creator owner has which by default is full control. You
>> can change permissions on creator owner but the owner of a folder/file
>> will always be able to change permissions on folders/files they own
>> assuming the want to and know how to. The link below is for XP but
>> applies to Windows 2000 also and you can read more about special
>> permissions. --- Steve
>> "sTeve" <steve_shapiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>>> I'm sharing a folder on a Win2003 file server, and I'd like users in a
>>> particular security group to be able to modify files that are in
>>> subfolders of the the folder, but not be able to delete the files or
>>> the subfolders.
>>> Main Folder Read only
>>> Subfolder Read Only
>>> Data Folder Read and Modify existing Files
>>> By isolating the inheritance, I've been able to get to the point where
>>> I can do this, except after a user modifys a file, they are given full
>>> rights to the file, and then they can delete it.
>>> I've tried denying 'change permissions' and 'take ownership,' but that
>>> had no effect.
>>> Can anyone guide me through the steps to take to accomplish this?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Steve Shapiro
>>> University of Oregon