Re: Block or Deny a certain IP address

There is a newsgroup called Microsoft.public.proxy where you may want to
post your question as you may find someone there that is familial with Proxy
2.0. Another possibility is to use an ipsec filtering policy that can be
created via Local Security Policy. The link below gives some basics on how
to configure an ipsec filtering policy. I suggest configuring ipsec only if
you have physical access to logon to a computer as it is fairly easy to lock
yourself out from network access after assigning an ipsec policy if it is
not correctly configured. --- Steve

"emslan" <emslan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi to All,
> I am having troubles in blocking a certain IP address to access my proxy
> 2.0
> socks installed in Windows 2000 AD Sever is there any other method to
> manually block a certain IP address in LAN to access my Windows 2000 proxy
> server. I block the IP address in Socks but still that IP address can
> access
> the Internet.
> Please help
> Thanks,
> Emslan


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