Re: Inheritance of permissions after moving within volume

In my opinion you have mentioned one of the larger messes
existing in the current Windows NTFS semantics, and, other
than the workarounds you mention there is no good solution.

I find it to be the most common scenario that when moving
a filesystem object one wants it to have the permissions of
the moved-into target location, that is, have no trace of the
original permissions, inherited or explicit.

The way it is the intra-partition moved object will have the
explicit permissions of the original and initially the inherited
of the original location and these inherited will get changed
at some future time, which is not predictable as it must be
"triggered" by modification of the target location parental
inheritance specification (such as adding a temp inheritable
and then removing it).

This IMO is overdue for correction.
It is my contention that the intermediate state before the
inherited permissions have been updated is both an error
condition and a security violation. It is also my belief that
for almost all cases retaining the original explict and then
applying the target location inherited make zero administrative

I would love to see someone from MS answer your need
with a simple solution, and also defend the existing semantics
remaining as they are, as during the past two major generations
of Windows' betas I have been unable to get an MS person to
seriously reevaluate the (in)appropriateness of the current

Roger Abell
MVP Windows : Security

"Demis" <news@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello all
> Problem is the following:
> When a file is moved from one location to another on the same volume,
> the file retains its permissions.
> This can lead to a mess of permissions on fileservers.
> Does somebody know a solution to force the inheritance of permissions
> under these circumstances?
> I know there are some workarounds like copy and delete the file or:
> - Prior to moving the file, clear the Allow inheritable permissions
> from the parent to propagate to this object check box.
> - Click Copy to copy the current permissions to the object.
> - Move the file or folder to a different location on the same volume.
> - Click Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to
> this object.
> But I do not want to expect this from normal users.
> Thanks,
> Demis