Re: Re: Password Issue - Windows 2000 Pro

From: njseeker (
Date: 10/28/05

Date: 28 Oct 2005 13:36:06 -0400

"" wrote:
> njseeker wrote:
> > I bought a couple of Dell Inspiron 7000 laptops from a
> company that
> > went out of biz. Running 2000 Pro. I am locked out of
> accessing
> > Windows since I don't have the password. [...]
> Wipe the disk and reinstall Windows. If you didn't get the
> Win2000
> install CDs, you got ripped off. If you still can, go back and
> ask for
> them. If you can't get the CDs, google on "windows 2000
> password
> changer" and "PWD_CHNG.exe" and
> "PwdChangerBootableFloppyDEMO.exe". One
> of those will get you a program that will allow you to reset
> the password.
> However, you will still be without the W2K install CDs, and
> since the
> odds are that sooner or later you will need them. So without
> them you're
> snookered.
> I'm surprised they sold you the laptops without blanking the
> disk first,
> actually.

Thanks for your response. Guess that goes to show - you get what you
payfor. Defunct company so they probably didn’t care what was left
behind. I appreciate your help -

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