Re: Disable Administrator Login in a W2K Domain

From: Wolf Kirchmeir (
Date: 10/19/05

Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:26:31 -0400

Roger Abell [MVP] wrote:
> "Wolf Kirchmeir" <> wrote in message
> news:w_65f.9972$
>>Roger Abell [MVP] wrote:
>>>Simply put, only let each person know the passwords of the
>>>accounts that they should be using.
>>IOW, change the admin account password, and don't tell anybody what it is.
> Yes, an that means use different ones on different machines.

Which is tedious, granted, but if that aspect of security is that
important, it needs to be done.** Unless you can write a script that
will do it for you, from the server. Is that possible?

**In my last couple years as HS teacher, I was in charge of the
computing dept, and we went to great lengths to reduce the possibility
of students hacking into the school's network. We password protected
every machine's bootup, one at a time. That was in W3.x days, with
Novell 4. It worked, for a while. The worse problem was students handing
out their account passwords to their friends. It took them a while to
realise that some bloody-minded punks would cheerfully mash their