Re: Can a group decrypt EFS

From: Roger Abell [MVP] (
Date: 10/07/05

Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 00:42:12 -0700

EFS bases access on users, not groups.
In W2k3 and XP it is possible for one file to have multiple users that
can decrypt/reencrypt the file. Any user with this ability can add more
users. But, this is configured on a file by file, user by user basis only.

"MSnews" <> wrote in message
> We have a customer folder that needs encryption, so we setup EFS
> encryption thru Win2003 server. According to what I have read so far,
> only the user who created the encrypted folder/file can decrypt it. Is
> there a method to allow a group to decrypt/read an encrypted folder/file
> under this environment. If any changes to this need be made or any
> advice, please do forward
> thanks
> CR
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