Re: Can encryrpted packets be cracked by middle man?

From: Paul Kelly (
Date: 10/06/05

Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:09:18 GMT

At work we use two-factor authentication using RSA SecureID "keyfobs" in
conjunction with Citrix Metaframe for remote access. They have a PIN number
that changes every 60 seconds so you can log all they keystrokes you like,
the last 6 will only ever be valid for a maximum of 60 seconds, often much

They can be used in other solutions as well, such as directly managing
Windows login credentials.

More info at


"Bob I" <> wrote in message

>> If we work on the premise that they want a solution that allows staff
>> remote access, but gives reasonable protection, then what would be the
>> best approach?
>> Thanks,
>> Alan.