Re: w2k3 sp1 - now "unable to open service control manager database on

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 09/10/05

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 00:17:44 -0500

Check to see if the Windows Firewall is enabled on the target server and if
it is temporarily disable it to see if that fixes your problem and/or see if
a domain admin or a domain user that is local administrator on the server
can manage the service remotely. If an admin can then it sounds like the
service permissions got mucked up and if they can not it is some other
problem probably networking related. To check the permissions on the server
for the service to see if it is what you expect in case that changed for
some reason use the Security Configuration and Analysis mmc snapin as shown
in the link below or a tool such as subinacl. The Resultant Set of Policy
mmc snapin on a Windows 2003 domain controller or the W2003 server itself
can also be used to see if the Group Policy is being applied correctly to
the server. --- Steve

"cfsHighland" <> wrote in message
> Have group policy set up to allow the HelpDesk to manage print spooler
> services on all servers. The group is not member of local Admin group.
> Installed SP1 on one of the servers. The group is now unable to open the
> services on this server. Full error:
> Unable to open service control manager database on servername.
> Error 5: Access is denied.
> Am able to open computer in computer management, but still get access
> denied
> when try to access services.
> Thanks in advance for your help