Re: msrcsnt.exe

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 08/18/05

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    Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:34:33 -0500

    It probably is malware or a parasite [spyware/adware/hijack].

    You could try submitting it to
    to see what is found. Also check your services [services.msc] to see if any
    bogus services have been added using that file. If your antivirus/parasite
    detection and removal programs do not detect it you probably can get rid of
    it by booting into safe mode to remove the file and registry entries. Tools
    such as Process Explorer, TCPView, and Autoruns from SysInternals can help
    determine what is going on. Autoruns will allow you to try and stop the
    process from starting and TCPView will let you know if it is associated with
    a port being used on your computer. --- Steve --- Autoruns and link
    to SysInternals

    "NETCRAMMER" <> wrote in message
    > Does anyone have a clue what this file is (msrcsnt.exe)? it's found in the
    > system32 dir
    > registry key.
    > Virus? Worm?
    > I could not find anything on MS site nor on web.
    > TIA!!!

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