Re: Lock down Win2K Box on a LAN?

From: Dave Patrick (
Date: 07/10/05

Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 17:39:26 -0600

Just unbind 'File and Printer Sharing' for the network connection.

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"Geoff Glave" wrote:
| Hi Everyone,
| I'd like to lock down a Windows 2000 Pro box on a LAN.  It needs to be on
| the LAN to connect to the Internet, but that's it - It doesn't access any
| network resources and it doesn't provide any.
| I'd like no one else on the LAN to be able to connect to it, or ideally 
| see it.
| It strikes me that a simple way to do this would be to disable the SERVER
| service.  Is this a good approach?  Are there any other services I could /
| should disable?  Or is my approach a bad one.  The computer itself is
| physically secure in a locked office.
| Thanks in advance.
| Cheers,
| Geoff Glave
| geoff at glave dot org
| Vancouver, Canada