RE: Auditing Successful Logins

From: Jeremiah Beckett (
Date: 06/13/05

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 11:01:04 -0700

You can create an event collection rule in MOM to only collect specified
events with-in or out of a specified time range. This also centralizes the
data in SystemCenter reporting for more comprehensive analysis and reporting.

The Manakoa System Controls MP provides a rule template that specifically
addresses this scenario. It also contains comprehensive event collection and
reporting services for similar types of compliance auditing activities.

For more information regarding the MP check out the link below.


"IanBHendry" wrote:

> 1 of our managers wants to know when (and which) employees logon before 8a.m.
> Can the logs be set to only record successful logons for a given time
> period? I don't want to log all successful logons - - way too much data to
> soft through.