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From: What's in a Name? (
Date: 06/08/05

Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 17:08:37 -0400

Paul Adare wrote:
> In article <42a4fd96$0$55643$>, in
> the news group, What's in a Name?
> <> says...
>>Well I didn't mean to post spam(I didn't think I did-sorry if I
>>did)but I think it was wrong to complain to spamcop about me and cause
>>me to receive a note from my ISP telling me that Bruce didn't like my
>>post and I should be a good egg from now on and never do that again.
> If Bruce did that then he's an ass. Your post was not spam, you were
> simply trying to point out a tool that you thought was useful.
> Don't judge all MVPs by Bruce's actions here.
Thank you for your kind words-I would never judge a group by the
actions of one.

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