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Date: 05/18/05

Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 15:29:55 -0700


Yes, I was orginally the ADMIN of this computer but i somehow changed
something to change my status to not being the admin...
How do I reset the password?

"andy smart" wrote:

> wrote:
> > I am using a laptop that used to be my fathers business computer given to him
> > by his company. I accidentaly changed a setting which changed it so I am not
> > an administrator. Therefore, whenever I try to download a program it says I
> > do not have permission to download this program. Also, I dont know the
> > password to change it so I am an administrator. Any advice
> Did you used to log in as 'administrator'? If not then ask the person
> who does to make you one - if you did then the Internet is full of
> possible solutions for password resetting.
> If on the other hand you only want to hack your dad's work computer then
> remember that you are going to get caught as resetting the administrator
> password will show up later.....

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