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From: andy smart (
Date: 05/17/05

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    Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 22:25:24 +0100
    > I am using a laptop that used to be my fathers business computer given to him
    > by his company. I accidentaly changed a setting which changed it so I am not
    > an administrator. Therefore, whenever I try to download a program it says I
    > do not have permission to download this program. Also, I dont know the
    > password to change it so I am an administrator. Any advice

    Did you used to log in as 'administrator'? If not then ask the person
    who does to make you one - if you did then the Internet is full of
    possible solutions for password resetting.

    If on the other hand you only want to hack your dad's work computer then
    remember that you are going to get caught as resetting the administrator
    password will show up later.....

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