Re: MS05-019

From: GeeB (Geeb_at_newsgroup.nospam)
Date: 04/23/05

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    Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 13:12:28 -0400

    There are two new KB's that I think address both of your questions:

    Also, on the TCPWindowSize reg key...our bandwidth management team did some
    great metrics on the changes brought on by the patch. There is indeed some
    network degredation, but it wasn't enough to warrant huge concern or the
    need to change the window size back to 64K (Note: If you do want to revert,
    it should be set to 64240, which is not noted in the KB). The most drastic
    impact of this new change is if latency is an issue on your network. The
    patch seems to have a direct and proportionate degradation as latency
    increases. For example, if you have a WAN link that crosses between North
    America and Europe, the network degredation may be more noticable, but was
    still at an 'acceptable' range overall. The real concern would be if an
    application that was very sensitive to latency, the TCPWindowsSize may need
    to be bumped back up to 64K.

    Side note: The loopback address issue that MS pushed out to Windows Update
    as 'Critical', but not via a security bullein, is now included in MS05-019.
    Here's the original article:;en-us;884020


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