Re: [ANN]: TCPDUMP for Windows

From: Galen (
Date: 03/31/05

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 00:33:31 -0500

In news:uRWN7xVNFHA.4028@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl,
Edward Smirnov <> had this to say:

 My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:

> OK, OK.
> 1. You're not obliged to buy this product:
> - it is beta;
> - it is free for personal use.
> - the code is the same for both licenses: personal and commercial
> ones. No any stupid trry-before-you-buy tricks, just use it (if you
> want to use it instead of flaming here) .
> 2. Spam:
> Is this group or
> somethingelse.4coolguys.etc?
> Is our tcpdump for Windows packet capturing tool or it isn't?
> Am I right, or I'm selling well-known pills or something for
> enlargement of something?
> Have you ever seen tcpdump output?
> Using netwoork wiretap?
> On Gigabit network?
> Which HDD system did you use?
> All was OK for you?
> We're providing network professionals with the tool which may save
> their bacon, dot, period. For free, btw.
> Yes, it is 1.0 beta, but it works much better than something you
> already know.
> Let's discuss the product, not me and my "spam" habits, please. If
> you have something to discuss, of course :)
> ---
> WBR,
> Edward

1: No, it is still free as you said, it's still spam. Adverts are due
elsewhere not here.

2: No it's still SPAM. I'm certainly not cool, I never will be and accept
that I'm going to be a geek forever... Your idea is to sell a product,
service or to promote such in a free venue, the method is still SPAM. This
is about Windows 2k Security issues... Nothing more, nothing less. Is your
company owned by Microsoft? Yes. Please let us know. Is it not? Then it's
SPAM. Or, UCE if you wish. Regardless of the outcome of said products this
is not a beta forum for your amusement or use unless I missed something in
the code of conduct. It has nothing to do with ways of thinking, it has to
do with obeying the rules set forth by the admin, in this case it's
Microsoft. That, unless I'm mistaken, is on the top ten list of every admin.
If we could just get the user to listen....


Signature changed for a moment of silence.
Rest well Alex and we'll see you on the other side. 

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