Re: Missing Certificates
Date: 01/15/05

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    Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:09:58 -0800

    Thank you also for your reply. Wish me luck on
    reinstalling SP4....Bob.

    >-----Original Message-----
    >I should think that the certificates will have no
    problem working on
    >Windows 2000.
    >Bob wrote:
    >> Working on a friends Windows 2000 Pro PC. Apparently
    >> missing at least one trusted root certificate; i.e.,
    >> No Liability Accepted (c)97 Verisign. When trying to
    >> install SP4 on his Win 2000 also encountered problem
    >> Cryptographic services. Questions: (1) I have all 6
    >> the required Trusted Root Certificates on my XP PC and
    >> have exported them to CER files, can they safely be
    >> imported to the Win2000 PC?, I know which DLL files
    >> necessary to be registered for the Cryptographic
    >> on the Win 2000 PC, but if I can get SP4 installed
    >> that be necessary? Thanks in advance for your
    >> to my email of
    >> Bob

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