Re: TS access and Virus issue

From: Bjarni (
Date: 10/19/04

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 10:11:03 -0700

Joe, thanks for your reply,

I do have a firewall and and all my servers are upto date with all patches.
What about drive mappings, doesn't open up the possibility of viruses? I have
worked with TS and remote users in the past so I know about screen draws etc.
but never had to worry about this because I controled both sides, which in
this case I do not.

I have multiple servers, over 400 users and I don't feel comfortable giving
an outside vendor access like this, so I guess I am trying to come up with
something other then my concerns about TS and it's security issues from the
TIA for any follow-ups
"Joe" wrote:

> "Bjarni" <> wrote in message
> > I have a vendor that wants to have access to an application on my server,
> I
> > was thinking about using TS, but I have concerns over viruses coming from
> the
> > vendors network. This is a financial database that the vendor would be
> > connecting to and he would not have access to any other areas of the
> server.
> > Is my concern about viruses valid, or do I have nothing to worry about? I
> am
> > also worried about overall security on the vendor site, if I give him
> access
> > to my server and he has security breach then my security is breached
> also..
> > right?. Hope someone can help me by shedding light on these issues
> I don't believe terminal services transfers anything other than screen
> shots, the location of your mouse, and what you type on your keyboard. If
> you are thinking about the fact that you have to open up your firewall to
> the internet for the TS specific ports then you really only have to worry if
> you aren't up to date with all the patches. You do have a firewall don't
> you?
> Joe