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From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 09/25/04

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    Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 18:13:29 GMT

    That is a huge topic. But here are some for my two cents and are not related to
    Windows 2000 necessarily.

    -- No or improperly configured firewalls.

    -- No or inadequate backup and disaster recovery strategy.

    -- No or poor password and account lockout policy.

    -- Not keeping current with critical updates.

    -- No or poor implementation of a strategy to manage risks for viruses, worms,

    -- Misconfigured operating systems - particularly domain controllers and dns.

    -- No or not enforced computer user policy.

    -- Unauthorized computers allowed on the network.

    -- Letting users be local administrators when they do not need to be.

    -- Not using Group Policy to manage/enforce Internet Explorer security settings.

    -- Not enabling effective auditing and actually monitoring the logs.

    -- Too many domain admins and not taking advantage of delegation for AD domain.

    -- Operating system not hardened with too many services enabled such as IIS that is
    installed and enabled by default.

    -- Excessive default permissions to shares and root folder of a default install.
    Everyone has full control.

    -- Not physically securing sensitive computers, particularly domain controller.

    -- Lazy, inept, malicious employees/students/admins.

    "Sherman H." <> wrote in message
    > Would like to survey what are the most security threats in the 2000
    > environments? What would be the things that are usually neglected by
    > regular admins.
    > Thanks.

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