From: serverguy (
Date: 09/15/04

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 08:51:37 -0400

Hi Charles, if you are referring to the SQL Slammer virus, which affects
Microsoft SQL, then you simply need to get the appropriate patches installed
on your systems to protect against this vulnerability. Having a firewall
and anti-virus software is not enough, you need to be proactively updating
your systems on a regular basis to remediate vulnerabilities before they can
be attacked.

Go to Mcafee's website and look up the SPECIFIC virus(es) that your are
encountering and they will have SPECIFIC instructions to remove them.
Sometimes you will need to run a separate tool that scans for the specific
virus and removes it, then like I said you need to go to Microsoft's site
and apply the appropriate patches to prevent reoccurrence.

Good luck!

"Charles" <> wrote in message
> The slammer virus is the worse virus I have come across.
> At the same time it is not doing much but aggravating the
> hell out of me and all my employees and friends and family
> on various OS, IE: XP, 98, 2000, 2000 PRO.
> We are currently using blackice ver 3.6 as a software
> firewall and it combined with Macafee keeps popping up
> wanting to scan the entire system as a result of the
> slammer virus and other viruses trying to assist it. I
> am hoping that someone out here has a clue what is going
> on here and can help us sane and responsible computer
> users from suffering any further abuse from this and
> related viruses that are perpetual and relentless on all
> of our computer systems. I hope that you are close and
> can send me information on what is going on to bring an
> end to this viruses propagation and use and make it
> useless in all of our computer enviroments as soon as
> possible.
> I think I just preyed in a user group! Anyway, I hope to
> hear from someone that knows more than I do and has a clue
> whats being done about this virus and ones like it that
> seem to come in pairs at the same time.
> Wishing everyone a more secure enviroment to work in!
> Charles