Re: Automatic Logon (Win 2003 ): How Do I Connect To Console Session Using RDC?

From: Kristofer Gafvert (
Date: 09/05/04

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 08:40:52 +0200


Here's the answer:

Can I connect to the console session remotly?

Yes! If you use the Windows Server 2003 client you can write <SERVERNAME>
/console in the computer name box.

If you are using the Windows XP Remote Desktop client you will have to start
the Remote Desktop client from a command prompt by writing mstsc /console
/v:servername. Where mstsc is located depends on where you installed it, but
it's usually in "%programfiles%/remote desktop" or "%systemroot%/system32"

Kristofer Gafvert
"Mike" <> wrote in message
> Dear Friends,
>      I have a problem that I hope someone has the answer to.
>      I setup my Windows 2003 server to use Automatic Logon for my user
> account (e.g. if the server reboots, my user account automatically
> logs into the console and executes a WSH script that notifies me the
> server bounced itself).
>      Here's the problem.  I often connect to this server using RDC
> (Remote Desktop Connection).
>      When I RDC into the server with my user account, I do not see my
> WSH script running on the desktop.  However, if I launch Task Manager,
> I do see my script running as one of the processes.
>      I went into Windows Terminal Manager and realized that Automatic
> Logon was running my WSH script under the "Console" session.
>      When I connect using RDC, I am under a separate session.  I tried
> connecting to the "Console" session but am unable to.
>      QUESTION: Is there a way to connect to the box using RDC and then
> enter the "Console" session so I can see my WSH script running?
>      Looking forward to some innovative solutions!
> Mike