Re: Please help : Adminstrator password consistancy ????

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 09/03/04

Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 20:06:38 GMT

There is no Group Policy able to do such. Group Policy only works within the
operating system. Someone booting from a floppy or cdrom would be working "outside"
of the operating system. Enabling restrictions to boot media or having a computer
case that locks access to the computer floppy/cdrom drives is the only way to offer
some protection against such an attack. If you password protect cmos settings, a
authorized user that needs access to change the cmos settings to boot from a floppy
or cdrom could do so and then change settings back when done. About your comment
about users having access to everything - realize that applies only to that computer
and not the domain unless they have access to domain controllers which must be
physically secured to some degree as should servers even if it means just a sturdy
case that locks access to the inside and drives but ideally would be in a locked room
or cage. --- Steve

"serge calderara" <> wrote in message
> As previous post, prevent boot floppy from bios could be a way but, we have
> some backuip and restore procedure which needs to use booting from floppy.
> But anyway thos software which reset administrative password, some are using
> boot floppy but some other a simple boot CD. So if we use Bios locking that
> is a bit enoying for handling ghost backup and restore procedure...
> I was thinking on a solution, inside group policy or local security, or some
> scripting stuff which could force back proper user rights..
> Could it be possible ?
> regards
> serge
> "Steven L Umbach" wrote:
>> In the computers cmos settings that are available during the boot sequence usually
>> by
>> holding down delete or such, configure the computer to boot only from the hard
>> drive.
>> Then password protect the cmos settings. Users may still be able to reset the
>> password by removing the cover of the computer and unplugging the battery or using
>> a
>> jumper to reset cmos settings to default so try to use cases that lock access to
>> the
>> inside of the computer. If you are in a domain you can use the Group Policy
>> computer
>> configuration "restricted groups" feature at the Organizational Unit level to
>> enforce
>> domain computers local group membership for computers in that OU. --- Steve
>> "serge calderara" <> wrote in message
>> > Dear all,
>> >
>> > Actually we are setting up some standard office workstation with Windows
>> > 2000 pro.
>> > We have setup there different user profile with appropriate rights.
>> > We keep for out IT team the Administrator password..
>> >
>> > As you may know it exist some software (a single boot floppy) that can reset
>> > the administrator password , and then final users will have access to
>> > everything and our IT tema start to do the police on non stable system due to
>> > some system settings changes.
>> >
>> > Is there a way to avoid that the administrator password is discovered ?
>> >
>> > Thnaks for your help
>> > regards
>> >
>> > Serge

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