Re: Permission Set to Everyone Deny - Can't take ownership

From: Cory Blythe (
Date: 08/30/04

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 07:55:41 -0700

Thanks for the tip that allowed me to take ownership as
admin but I still get a 'File may be in use' error when I
try and delete them. I'll have to wait until off hours
and try a reboot to see if that clears the flag.

Thanks Again
Cory Blythe

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>The administrator can always take ownership unless that
user right has been removed
>as shown by the effective setting on that computer in
Local Security Policy /security
>settings/local policies/our rights. What kind of error
does the administrator get??
>Make sure that the user logging on to take ownership is
actually in the
>administrators local group as shown by [net localgroup
administrators] . If you still
>have problems use fileacl with the /force switch to force
ownership for the
>administrators and then change permissions to grant
access and deletion. See the
>links below for more information. --- Steve
> -- KB article
on folder deletion problems
>"Cory Blythe" <> wrote
in message
>>A user that is no longer with us set security to several
>> of his personal files to Everyone Deny on his share
>> drive. Before we realized this the user account was
>> removed and now the administrator account cannot take
>> ownership of the files in order to change the security
>> settings and delete the files.
>> All I really need to do is delete these files from the
>> hard drive can anyone point me in the right direction?
>> Thank You
>> Cory Blythe