Re: Firewalls & OSes

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 08/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 00:44:54 GMT

When you have dual boot operating systems, the software installed on one operating
system is not going to be protecting the other operating system. As far as the other
operating system is concerned the application is just a bunch of files. When you
install an application on an operating system, entries are made in the registry of
that operating system. Zone Alarm works fine, but it you are going to be using
cable/dsl I suggest you buy your own router which go for around $39 and up. ---

"Frank" <> wrote in message
>I posted this at a board for XP and was told to use
> ZoneAlarm. That's fine and maybe I will, but that response
> didn't answer the following question:
> I'm moving and losing access to Lynksys firewall router.
> My computer is able to boot to either W2K or XP. XP has
> built-in firewall, while W2K does not. I have to install a
> software firewall to W2K (I assume?). I have a version of
> Norton's Personal Firewall I never installed. If I install
> that to W2K, do I have a problem (any conflict), or do
> firewalls only function when a given system is booted, the
> same as different sypware programs? Please help, as the
> Symantec handbook says nothing and it's impossible to get
> them to respond without a $30 or $40 charge. In other
> words, if I'm using the same connection to the net,
> regardless of OS, do I need a firewall for each OS?
> Thanks for any help.

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