Re: Permissions Impeeding Internet Browsing

From: Resonate (
Date: 08/13/04

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 21:12:09 GMT

Are you deploying specific proxy or exclusions setting for users in that OU?

If so check the HTTPS settings and that you are not excluding sites with the
GPO that accompanies the users OU.


<> wrote in message
> Users on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server are having trouble
> browsing the Internet. For example, Successfully they can
> browse to They can not browse the "Sports By
> Fox Sports" link located on this page. "Page can not be
> displayed" is the error reported. It is a "Can not find
> server or DNS" error. Users can successfully browse to a
> bank's web site, but the bank transaction pop-up windows
> are blank.
> I suspect this is a permission's problem. Domain admins,
> and users promoted to admins, can successfully browse
> every page. Only users assigned to Domain User or User
> groups can not browse.
> This is a relatively new problem, first reported at the
> end of July. At first the 6 hot fixes issued on 7/13/04
> were suspected as causing this situation. Hot fixes
> 841873, 839645, 841872, 841873, 842526, and 840315 all
> have been uninstalled. These uninstalls did not help, they
> just made me more nervous.
> There is no Internet filtering or firewall software
> installed on the server.
> AdThanksVance