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Date: 08/05/04

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 03:02:44 GMT

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>ISA is running on this machine. I was told by my internet
>provider I need to have port 81 open to view my email from
>the internet. I am trying where/how to open this port to
>allow email viewing from the internet.

Might have helped to tell us that originally.

ISA is blocking your access, so you need to configure ISA to allow
port 81 from your workstation/LAN to the internet/WAN. I don't know
what rules you have in place so it's tough to tell you what to change,
plus I don't know what company policies may require access being
blocked, if any. ISA is relatively easy to work with, if you look at
the docs you'll see how to handle most of this, and you could look at:

How to Allow Third-Party Internet Application Connections Through ISA
Server 2000:;en-us;295667

How To Safely Connect Your Company to the Internet in Windows 2000:;en-us;300876

Internet Security and Acceleration Server Support Center:

There's also an ISA newsgroup.


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>>Can you be bit more specific? What is your goal? Is this
>a firewall (ISA)
>>server or ... ?
>>In general server starts listening (opens port) once the
>specific service is
>>started... E.g. SMTP (e-mail service) is listening on
>port 25 one you start
>>the SMTP service...
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>>> How do I open a port on a Windows Advanced 2000 Server?
>>> I have looked in help for the last 2 hours with no
>>> success...
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>>> rpb