Re: windows 2000 server auditing objects...

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 08/04/04

Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 20:27:27 GMT

You can enable auditing of logon events to track when a "user" logs onto a computer
and audit account logon events in Domain Controller Security Policy to see when a
user logs onto the domain by viewing the security log in Event Viewer.;en-us;300549 --- auditing in W2K.

You can also enable auditing of object access on a computer and then audit access to
folders, etc though this not as easy as it sounds and you will have a lot of events
to sift through in the security log in Event Viewer or you may want to try and audit
the print spooler as shown in the link below. -- see How to Turn On and Turn Off
Printing Event Logging.

I know you can set quotas for disk space use per user on a ntfs volume but I don't
know of a way to set print quotas. You may want to as in a Windows printing newsgroup
to see if anyone has any ideas on that. --- Steve

"Ernesto" <> wrote in message
> I would like to know how I can audit groups of users and
> track their time and date the logon proccess.
> Also I want to audit the printer and set quotes per user,
> Please if u know how to do that in windows 2000 server i
> will appreciate an anwser

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