Re: Read only Access of Local security policies remotely

From: achancco (
Date: 08/04/04

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 15:09:02 -0700

Thanks. That's what I thought. Is there a tool that could create a mmc console from the command line with the local security settings snap-in and save it into a .msc file format which can be placed in a share folder and be updated with a batch job.
The tool would need to work with W2k server as well W2003.



"Steven Umbach" wrote:

> You can delegate regular users permissions to a GPO in a domain for linking and
> editing purposes but as far as I know there is not a way to give a user just
> read access to Local Security Policy on a computer. -- Steve
> "achancco" <> wrote in message
> > I'd like to provide read -only access of these policies to a network group for
> one or more of my servers but I am not sure how to go about setting it up.
> >
> > thanks,