Re: ** READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - answers to frequently asked questions 2004.07.15

From: Jeff Cochran (
Date: 07/15/04

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 21:33:50 GMT

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 12:08:46 -0700, "JAX" <slipslide@pop.not> wrote:

>I'm happy, except with myself.
>As far as FAQ's being posted here, I maintain that it is futile. The post
>will time-out in a day or so and even then, nobody is likely to scroll
>through the posts to see it.

Ahh... But the beauty is, it gets indexed in Google, and on
Microsoft's news server hangs around for months. On the web-based
interfaces to the groups it may show for a week or more.

Old-timers usually llok for a FAQ and sometimes a charter before
posting anything.


>"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]"
><> wrote in message
>> JAX wrote:
>> > Hi Karl,
>> >
>> > Of course I know what "FAQ's" are. I read your subject line as one
>> > sentence which registered, to me, as a command to those who do reply
>> > to OP's, i.e., "Read this before posting answers to frequently asked
>> > questions!" After coming back to the post, I see the hyphen and break
>> > from Cap's to lower case letters. My mistake, I apologize for being
>> > so harsh.
>> >
>> > I see that your intention was good, but I'm afraid the effort was
>> > futile. Most posters come to the NG's and just start typing without
>> > making any effort to find the solution to their problem on their own.
>> > Even with a link that answers the question, it takes too much effort,
>> > for many, to read and sort out the information they need. Many times,
>> > I have read posts where the person said they had "searched all over
>> > but couldn't find an answer". When I entered a key word from their
>> > post in Google, I got hits on it immediately. Why would that work for
>> > me and not for them?(go figure)
>> You're right - most people don't search first - but the FAQ may help a few
>> people out and cut down on the number of "how do I stop messenger service
>> popup" kind of questions.
>> We all jump the gun in here sometimes and I did a bit of the same myself
>> replying to you, so now everybody shake hands and make nice and be happy.
>> :-)
>> >
>> > Cheers, JAX
>> >
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>> >> "JAX" <slipslide@pop.not> wrote in message
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>> >>> What is this, one size fits all? Are you a self proclaimed MVP? Who
>> >>> is this addressed to?
>> >>
>> >> Surely you have heard of a "FAQ," know what they generally do, why
>> >> they are beneficial, and why they are often posted in newsgroups?
>> >>
>> >> I'm only trying to volunteer my time and help. Surely that's a good
>> >> thing?