Re: Users Home Folders

From: Danny Sanders (
Date: 07/08/04

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 08:55:44 -0600

Generally it is done by creating a Users folder and within the users folder
each user has a folder named after them or their login name.
I would suggest removing the "everyone" full control and replacing it with
domain users or authenticated users. Then give the specific user full
control in the NTFS permissions.


"steve" <> wrote in message
> Hi all, what’s the best way to set-up users home folders on a server
> (windows2003), i want all the users to only access their own
> folders/files. Is there a definite Microsoft way to do this or do all
> admins have a different approach to file/folder security?
> I know I need to share a folder on a server and give everyone full
> control and then use NTFS to restrict access (is this the best way?)
> what exact NTFS permissions should I use?
> I know these questions may have been asked before but I am pretty new to
> all this ....
> Thanks for your understanding and patience
> steve