Re: Mouse motion- I'll get crazy!!!

From: Markus E▀mayr (essmayr/at/
Date: 07/06/04

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 13:23:46 +0200

As your mouse is quite a new one, i think it has optical movement detection
(not the old fashioned ball).
I recommend to check the surface below the mouse. Some specially designed
mouse pads or just the furniture may cause the detection algorithm to "see"
movements, where there aren't some.


"Shaker" <> wrote in message
> I have Win 2000 server with dialup internet connection in home.
> Sometimes the mouse pointer on the screen in moving alone left and right
horizontally, while physically the Mouse does not.
> So I thought that I have cretin Trojan file on my PC.
> I cleared it and found one called adminU.dll.
> After that I installed Norton Anti-Virus and Firewall. And I have
reformatted the partition of HD where the server located, other partition
kept as they are.
> Even when I did the reinstallation Of win2000 The Mouse was moving. even
there were not active Internet connection.
> Now with Firewall, still sometimes facing same problem, even while
> I need to know what to do, to ensure that there is no one is monitoring
me, or hacking my desktop.
> I thought for a while it could be done over the Mobile communication (So I
trued it off really and kept same)
> finally it could be an evil who doing this, ...
> I'll get crazy, need your help