Re: Permissions problem

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 07/01/04

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 01:23:40 GMT

Hard to say. Did the folder still show that the user had permission to change
permissions at the time the access failed?? Make sure his group membership does not
include a group that has deny permissions to the folder and check both share and ntfs
permissions [also check advanced ntfs permissions for the folder], or that he was
removed from a group that gave him access. Look in Event Viewer for any errors in the
system or application log. Though it can be tedious to look through the security log,
it may help to enable auditing of object access on that server and then enable
auditing on that folder for change permissions for success and failure. -- Steve;en-us;301640

"Pamela" <> wrote in message
> We are running a Windows 2000 and Win 2000 Server
> enviroment. We have given a user full control over a
> folder and all the sub-folders contained in it. The user
> wants to be able to change the permission settings for
> just those folders. It worked perfectly for about 3 days
> but then for someone reason it stopped. Nothing has been
> changed and we have removed and added the user back in.
> We have setup a group of Admins for that folder but still
> nothing works. The domain admins group can change the
> folder permissions with no problem. Any idea on what we
> are missing? Many Thanks.