Re: loss of administrator rights.

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 06/19/04

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 17:02:57 GMT

First off no one should be using Service Pack 1 anymore [I understand it is not your
computer - just being a good friend]. Service Pack 4 is the current one and may have
prevented the problem in the first place. The link below contains info on how to get
a free cdrom from MS with the latest security updates.

Try booting into safe mode to see if that helps and if not I would try a couple of
things. First try the link below on how to restore security settings to default
defined levels using the secedit command.;EN-US;313222

Otherwise I would consider an in place upgrade install of W2K which you can do by
putting the install disk in the computer while it is running W2K and selecting
"upgrade install". That will refresh most settings and should leave data and
applications in place. It will however require the reinstall of first service pack
and then critical updates either from download or cdrom. --- Steve;en-us;Q292175 -- can also be done
from booting from cdrom.

"ban_watt" <> wrote in message
> I been called out to help a friend who has win 2K SP1 and
> he tried to install a modem which according to the
> literature was suitable only for for win 95/98. After he
> had installed the software a message came up to say that
> he did not have the Administrator rights even though he
> was member of administrator group and had all the
> privilages. So having logged in as an administrator same
> thing happened. He now cannot uninstall the software or
> the modem and he is locked out from all the administrator
> rights. Has anybody come across this and do they have a
> solution? Many thanks.