RE: Anti-Virus Software - Need Recommendations

From: Chris M (
Date: 06/14/04

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 06:20:01 -0700

Definatly go with McAfee, I am the head of I.T. at my company and I have tried both NAV and McAfee and by far McAfee is far better and easier to work with.

McAfee also gives a quick scan tool free to anyone who would like to download it, just go to Google and typ in "Stinger" the first link will be Network Associates, Inc. that is the link you want to go to. Stinger is a very small .exe file but it scans for the top 50 or more viruses out there now.

What else are you setting up? A network or just this one PC, you had mentioned a firewall and I could point you in a good direction as far as Spam filters go and so forth.

"Crazy Horse" wrote:

> Hello.
> I'm a new user (I'm in the process of installing the original version) of
> Windows 2000 Professional, and have made up my mind to do things the
> right way; i.e., get a good firewall in place and use a good anti-virus
> application.
> My general impression is that the two anti-virus leaders are Symantec's
> Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) and McAfee. From scanning this newsgroup, I've
> also just learned about Grisoft.
> My new (DELL Inspiron) laptop came with McAfee, and I have some previous
> experience with NAV. Simply put, I'm looking for input on which product
> might be the best. Seems like I read one thread here, where someone
> mentioned in passing, "not NAV" and given that my laptop came with
> McAfee¹, I'm wondering if there's any reason to shy away from NAV. Also,
> I'd be happy to hear more about others' experience with Grisoft.
> Thanks ahead of time for whatever input you may be able to provide.
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> 1. Maybe worth noting, the laptop came with XP Home edition; I've wiped
> the harddrive and am starting over with Windows 2000 Professional.