Re: I can't enroll certificate on a Smart Card

From: David Cross [MS] (
Date: 06/11/04

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 05:28:19 -0700

are you running this from a 2000 client or an XP client?

do you have q323172 installed on both client and server?

are you running as a local admin on the client?

David B. Cross [MS]
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"Monica M." <> wrote in message
> When I attempt to use the Windows 2003 Microsoft Certificate Services
> Smart Card Enrollment Station to request a certificate on behalf of
> another user, I receive the following error message after I click
> Enroll:
> An unexpected error occurred. Error:  Please insert the user's smart
> card.
> If I insert the card and click OK, I receive the same error message.
> This error message is displayed even if I'm using the Gemplus GemSAFE
> Card CSP version 1.0 Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) or
> Schlumberger Cryptographic Service Provider.
> My card is Schlumberger Cryptoflex 8K v2 with:
> ATR: 3B 95 15 40 FF 68 01 02 02 04
> Running Gemplus SmartDiag v2.0, I see that it's available for use and
> corrently not powered.
> Reading this microsoft article:
> I see that Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP version 1.0 is not the correct CSP
> for the card. The correct CSP is Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP.  Do you
> think that I need this Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP? If so, can you send
> me Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP?
> Another simptoms is that I can't register my card by Gemplus SmartDiag
> v2.0, because I receve the following error: impossible to correctly
> interpret some of the supplied parameters.
> Please help me, because I need urgently to enroll smart card using
> Windows 2003 Microsoft Certificate Services Smart Card Enrollment
> Station and I'm inexpert.
> Thank you!
> Monica M.